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December 2020


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4th of June 2021

Foreign Ownership of Real Estate in Egypt

Foreign Real Estate Ownership in Egypt

About the current state of the real estate market in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Real estate can be owned by foreigners in Egypt, except within the region of the Sinai Peninsula – which has special conditions and regulations – as foreigners cannot own land or real estate in Sinai.
There are two general routes for foreign ownership of real estate in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The first: -

If a foreigner desires to own a property and register it -through a notarized registration contract-, in this case the foreigner cannot register more than 2 registered properties.
Commenting on the aforementioned statement, there is a difference between the non-entitlement of a foreigner to own more than two properties only and the non-entitlement of a foreigner to register more than two properties.

The second: -

A foreigner has the right to own more than one property in the case of real estate investment, by buying a number of properties and reselling them or delaying them through long-term or short-term lease.
In this case, contracts and official powers of attorney can be registered to guarantee property rights, but in a way other than registering the “registered Regarding notified contract”.