REMAAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Life is complicated enough Whether you have lots of properties to rent, have limited time, can’t take care of your rental home personally or don’t live near your rental property and therefore unable to deal with maintenance and/or other issues that are hard to handle from afar, our property management team is at your service! Reasons to rent out your property? SHORT TERM STORY The Advantages:

  • High profitability - brings in more in cash than a Long Term Rental (Short Term secured 8% yields, Long Term – from 3.5 to 6%)
  • Property is controlled and regularly maintained – with tenants going in and out frequently, you can keep up on small repairs before they turn into big problems
  • Flexibility – you choose the days, weeks or months to rent. There is also the option to travel and make money while you are gone.
  • Cover maintenance fees, extra works
  • Possibility to use the property during the low season or once needed
The Disadvantages:

  • Less possibility to stay at the unit during high season, because it is the best time to rent out the property and get the high profit.
LONG TERM STORY The Advantages:

  • Constant income – tenants interested in long term plan on staying in that location for an extended period of time
  • Additional chance for those owners, who are willing to sell their property (long term tenants could be potential buyers, as before they buy, they would like to try for living )
  • Positive cash flow – all expenses will be covered by the tenant (utilities, services)
  • More security and stability for the owner – tenant looks after your property
The Disadvantages:

  • Not using your property any time you want, unless you live abroad.
What is Property Management?

We deal directly with tenants, saving your time and worry over collecting rent payments, handling maintenance and repair issues, responding to tenant complaints, giving you peace of mind that your property is in good hands.

How can we help?

Renting out your property – 18% (commission)
The Agency provides the client for short term. Commission is including Property Management Services and it will be added to the NET rental price. Cost of laundry and housekeeping is excluded; it will be added to the rental price. Property Management is including the following:

  • Check in/Check out
  • Contracts/forms
  • Housekeeping and laundry supervising and delivery
  • Inventory
  • Maintenance report
  • Rent collections
  • Utilities and services payments on behalf of the owner
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Occupancy calendar
  • Extra works (10% will be added on any bill for supervising an extra work, such as: paint, replacement of the broken or not working parts, changing furniture textile etc.)

Property Management – 10% (commission)
The Owner provides the client for short term. Commission is including Property Management Services and it will be deducted from every closed rental deal, according to the low and high season rate, fixed between both parties. Cost of laundry and housekeeping is excluded; it will be paid by the Owner.

Long Term Contract – 1 month (commission)
The Agency provides the client for long term. 1-month commission will be taken early, according to the Long Term Contract, signed between the tenant and the owner, excluding property management fees if required, which will be an additional 10% monthly.


Why us?

  • 20 years in the Red Sea
  • Digital platform (social media reinforcement)
  • Wide data of clients
  • Cooperation with trustworthy developers
  • Dedicated team for Property Management

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